Our Services


The Beauty Bar began life in 2012 as the region’s most respected and well known Salon Specializing in Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Stylist,& Moroccan Baths. We always listen carefully to what our clients want and we strive to improve our services every day. We expanded to cater for the Expanding Client base of Dubai. In 2016 we decided to Re-brand the Logo and theme of our Salons. Today, in addition to specializing in Manicure & Pedicure we now offer therapeutic treatments for hands and feet – Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting. 2016 was the year we officially partnered up with L’Oreal to take part of their specialized training in Hair Coloring, newest Hairstyle Trends.

A Brand with a Mission

We wholeheartedly believe that beauty is a Natural Trait in all human beings. At the Beauty Bar we are on a quest to : Promote the Idea of Natural Beauty, Evoke beauty through Hairstyles, facials, and Hair Coloring, To be known and respected as the trendsetters of the region’s Industry, To be known for doing what’s right for our Clients, using only the Best Quality Products to cater to our Customer’s High Standards Of hair and Skin Care.

The Brand is a celebration of all the inner beauty found in each and every one of our clients, and` a tribute to women across all ages and all parts of life who have been glowing through humbleness, kindness, and charm.